With the weight loss market fully saturated, most dieters usually struggle to choose the top weight loss supplements. There is a wide variety of supplements and all of them are marketed as high-quality products that are efficient. Vega One All in Shake and Arbonne Weight Loss shakes are among the top supplements with a large user base. However, it’s not easy to choose between these two products. Below is their comparison review that will help to determine the best weight loss product.

About Vega One All-In-One Shake

This is a meal replacement that is formulated with carefully chosen and premium organic ingredients. Vega One is manufactured by the Vega Company which specializes in a variety of different plant based products. Apart from the Vega One protein powder, there are also Vega One protein bars, skin care products, and many others.

Vega One Flavors

This protein supplement is produced in the normal, natural flavor. However, to ensure that the needs of consumers are met, it’s also available in a variety of flavors which include coconut almond, vanilla, berry, vanilla chai, mocha, French vanilla, and chocolate. Vega One chocolate flavor is the high-selling flavor and loved by a large number of consumers.  There are also various Vega One recipes including the blueberry smoothie, vanilla-ginger, the vegan-pea nut butter recipe etc. which can be used to prepare various types of this protein shake.

About Arbonne

Arbonne shake is made by Arbonne Essentials. This company prides itself in making healthy, natural, and convenient powder shake. Apart from its numerous health benefits, there are a lot of things that people love about this supplement. The choice of ingredients that are used to formulate it as well its great nutrient profile is what attracts buyers.

Arbonne Flavors

In terms of flavor, this protein powder is sold as vanilla, chai protein shake, apple cinnamon, and chocolate. Apart from the replacement shakes, Arbonne Company also sells Arbonne protein bars, body cleanse, phytosport among others. The powder shake can also be used with ginseng, turmeric, ginger and other plant-based ingredients to create different Arbonne protein shake recipes.

Vega One vs Arbonne: Ingredients Comparison

Among the supplements that help to promote health and wellness, these two are top-rated. However, their competitiveness on the market usually makes it difficult for consumers to choose between them. Both Vega One and Arbonne shakes have the same amount of calories as well as protein. But what sets them apart? The review below give an in-depth information about these shakes.

Vega One Ingredients

The ingredients used to make Vega One will give you the nutritional confidence that you need to attain your best health. The combination of plant-based protein in addition to super foods provide a powerful effect. The result of it is that the consumer will end up experiencing a significant amount of weight loss. Outlined below are the main ingredients which are found in Vega One.

Organic Protein

Vega One protein shake contains hemp protein, sacha inchi, and pea protein. The multi-source blend of plant-based protein not only leads to weight loss but provide better health benefits. This organic protein blend helps to ensure that the dieter ends up experiencing minimum hunger pangs as it helps to promote satiety.

Pea protein contains high amounts of branched-chain amino acids i.e. the BCAAs. They help to build the muscles and accelerate the burning of the belly fat. Hemp protein is great in raising the rate of metabolism. Its high-quality compounds promote satiety and the essential fay acids that are found in it help to improve the overall health. Sacha Inchi is a less known type of protein that is rich in tryptophan. It helps to increase the levels of serotonin which leads to an overall reduction in appetite.

Greens Blend

Vega One reviews show that the meal replacement contains Veggies and greens. They include organic chlorella, spirulina, kale, & broccoli. These organic greens have high amounts of antioxidants that have numerous health benefits. They help to fight free radicals by eliminating them. Additionally, they ensure that the general health of the dieter is improved.

Fiber Blend

Vega One Protein contains the high-quality inulin fiber that’s derived from chicory root. Inulin is a type of soluble fiber that’s found in various vegetables and fruits. It’s not absorbed along the digestive tract. It creates bulk in the stomach, resulting in a feeling of satiety.  Besides that, it helps to promote bowel movements and removal of harmful toxins which may promote weight gain.

Vitamins and Minerals

Various Vega One reviews shows that this supplement help to improve the overall health of the user. With over 20 minerals and vitamins which include: Vitamins C, A, D, K, and E as well as minerals such as folate, calcium, and magnesium. This is a highly nutritious supplement that leads to healthy weight loss. Additionally it contains probiotics that support the gut health and the digestive health.

Arbonne Ingredients

Arbonne weight loss shake contains ingredients that make it an effective supplement. The natural and plant-based ingredients are derived from different extracts. The resulting combination is a healthy shake that is convenient to prepare. Some of the ingredients that are found in this vegan-friendly shake include:

Protein Blend

The main sources of Arbonne’s protein include rice protein, cranberry, and pea protein. One of the most popular and fast-rising source of protein is pea. It has great potential of facilitating weight loss. The hypoallergenic protein contains BCCAs and it’s free of lactose. Pea is easily digestible compared to most types of animal-based protein. Rice protein is an amazing source of protein powder. It can be easily digested and it contains the essential amino acids that the body requires for healthy growth. Note that rice protein has low amounts of fat as well as calories hence it’s good of cholesterol regulation. Although cranberry isn’t a popular option of protein, it contains omega 3, omega 6, and Omega 9 all which have great health benefits.

Fiber Blend

From Arbonne reviews, this supplement contains maltodextrin i.e. corn starch as its source of fiber. The thickener provides users with the feeling of satiety. It helps to ensure that the dieter ends up consuming less food leading to a reduction of the overall amount of calories.

Superfoods Blend

This supplement has a wide array of minerals and vitamins. It’s formulated with vitamin A, Vitamin C, vitamin D, Vitamin B12 and minerals like zinc, magnesium, iron, and calcium which help to promote healthy development. It’s worth noting that Arbonne weight loss shake doesn’t contain high amounts of fiber. Because of this, there is a proprietary blend called the “G-Plex” that’s is derived from alfalfa powder, ginseng powder and kelp powder which act as hunger suppressors.

Vega One Protein vs Arbonne Weight Loss Shake: Price Comparison

A single bad of Arbonne shake contains 30 servings which goes for around $76.00. This means that a single serving of this shakes costs $2.53. Note that Arbonne is an MLM company and this means that there are sometimes product discounts. Also if you become a consultant, the cost of the products become cheaper although most people are usually not interested in this.

Depending on the choice of flavor, Vega One All in One Shake has about 20 servings per bag. According to the price information on Vega One’s official website, this meal replacement shake costs $52.49. This means that a single serving costs $2.76. However, 20 servings isn’t sufficient enough for a month’s supply. Buying a single container means that you will need a refill mid-month. It’s therefore important to buy it in bulk in order to avoid reordering.  These products can be purchased from various e-commerce outlets. There is Arbonne and Vega One amazon, Walmart, eBay among others.

Arbonne Protein Shake vs Vega One Protein Powder: Conclusion

Looking at Arbonne protein powder, this meal replacement is great for weight loss. It has promising ingredients including a high amount of protein and great nutrients that are derived from plant-based vitamins and minerals. Although Arbonne products have great consumer reviews, their texture and taste are unsatisfying and chalky. Additionally, it has high amounts of sugar per serving i.e. 9g.

Vega One protein powder is a healthy supplement that can easily replace any meal. It contains all the essential nutrient requirements and it contains numerous ingredients which can help to improve your general health. However, most people looking for a meal replacement that can aid weight loss always want low calorie supplements and low-carb shakes.

Between Vega One all in one shake and Arbonne protein shake, it’s almost impossible to determine the best supplement out rightly. For instance, Arbonne protein shake contains 160 calories just like Vega One nutritional shake. However, the difference comes in protein, dietary fiber, and sugar content. While Vega One all in one nutritional shake has 20g of protein, 6g of fiber and 1g of sugar for every serving, Arbonne has 20g of protein, 1g of fiber and 9g of sugar for every servings. Because of the fiber and sugar differences, most people who want to lose weight prefer Vega One weight loss shake.


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