Currently, there are countless brands which have ventured into the weight loss industry. This means that there is a wide range of protein shakes but Isagenix and Shakeology are some of the most popular shakes out there in the market. Following is a comparison of Isagenix vs Shakeology to help you understand the which one will be the best shake for you.

What is Isagenix Shake?

This is a meal replacement shake that is manufactured by Isagenix international. Isagenix shake helps to promote weight loss and weight management by promoting the growth of lean muscles and accelerating the rate of metabolism.

What is Shakeology?

Shakeology shake is termed as one of the most delicious supplements that’s rich in superfoods. It’s a cross mix of a meal replacement and protein shake. Shakeology helps to promote weight loss by encouraging the metabolism of fat and controlling appetite.

Both Isagenix and Shakeology share an incredibly large client base and that’s why it’s sometimes very hard to determine which one of them is better. To help you understand how these shakes fair, below is a comparison review of Shakeology vs Isagenix.

Shakeology vs Isagenix – Ingredients

In order to determine the effectiveness of a meal replacement shake, ingredients are the top factor which everyone goes for. Both Isagenix shake and shakeology are formulated using unique and multiple ingredients which help to spark weight loss.

Isagenix Ingredients

Isagenix reviews indicate that this shake is formulated using various organic ingredients which help to facilitate the weight loss process and improve the consumer’s overall development. Some of the active ingredients found in this shake include:

• The Myo-Isalean Complex

This is a pure mixture of un-denatured non-fat protein, milk protein, and whey protein concentrate. The myoisalean complex is a proprietary blend that helps to spark thermogenesis, satiate hunger and promote the growth of lean muscle mass.

• Oil

Isagenix contains healthy sources of oil like olive oil, flaxseed oil, sunflower oil as well as medium chain triglycerides which help to reduce symptoms of certain diseases and aid digestion.

• Fructose

This supplement contains a low-glycemic sweetener, fructose, which is naturally-occurring.

• Fiber

Isagenix shake’s source of dietary fiber include psyllium seed, yucca root powder, oats and inulin which help to curb hunger and promote the feeling of satiety.

Shakeology Ingredients

shakeology shakes

This meal replacement shakes contains various blends of ingredients which help to promote weight loss. The plant-based ingredients which are safe and healthy for consumption make this shake suitable for a wide range of users. They include:

• The Phytonutrients Blend

This a nutrient-rich blend that contains superfoods that contain high amounts of minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins which help to help to promote growth and to fight free radicals from the body. Shakeology reviews indicate that this phytonutrient blend enhances the immunity of the body and they are derived from sources such as broccoli, kale, peaches, Swiss chard etc.

• Proprietary Protein Blend

This protein-rich blend helps to promote cell metabolism and the growth of lean muscles. Shakeology’s protein blend is derived from sacha inchi, pea protein, whey protein etc.

• Phytonutrients blend

This is a superfood blend that contains mineral, vitamins, and antioxidants which help to fight free radicals and enhance immunity. The blend consists of leafy greens and fruits such as Swiss chard, kale, broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, melons, peaches etc.

• Prebiotics and Probiotics Blend

This is a healthy combination that also includes enzymes. Prebiotics and Probiotics improve the gut health and aid the digestive process by alleviating symptoms like diarrhea, gas, bloating etc.

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Shakeology vs Isagenix – Nutrition Information

When searching for the best protein shake, there’s no doubt that nutrition is one of the top factors to consider. Nutritional information is what determines if the shake compliments with the needs of the consumer or not.

• Calories

A single serving of Isagenix shake contains about 240 calories while the same amount of serving for shakeology will give you about 160 calories.

A low-calorie diet is highly effective for weight loss since it helps to create a caloric deficiency in the body, leading to the conversion of fat to fuel. However, shakeology and Isagenix almost gave the same caloric content. 61g or two scoops of Isagenix have 240 calories i.e. 0.25 calories/gram while shakeology reviews indicate that it has 160 calories per a scoop or 42 grams which is about 0.26 calories/gram.

• Protein

Protein is an important aspect of nutrition in meal replacement shakes. High amounts of protein in a shake helps to reduce food cravings and promote the growth of lean muscles. Isagenix reviews indicate that this supplement contains 24g of protein per serving and it provides the body with almost 48 percent of the Daily Values while Shakeology contains 17g of protein per serving which is about 29 percent of the Daily Values.

However, the serving sizes of these two shakes are very different and the result is that Shakeology has about 2.47 protein/gram while Isagenix contains 2.54 protein/gram.

• Fiber

Fiber enhances the process of weight loss by curbing hunger. It reduces food cravings, binge eating, and hunger pangs for long hours. Isagenix reviews indicate that this meal replacement shake contains 8g of fiber per serving which is about 32 percent of the Daily Values. Shakeology, on the other hand, contains 6g of fiber per serving, an equivalent to 24 percent of the recommended Daily Values.

• Carbs

A low-carb diet in a shake helps to facilitate quick and long-lasting weight loss results. The fewer the carbs in a protein shake, the better it is when it comes to delivering weight loss results. So, how does shakeology and Isagenix compare? Well, Shakeology contains 17g of carbs which is 6 percent of the Daily Values while Isagenix contains 24g of carbs per servings which results to 8 percent of the recommended Daily Values.

• Sugar

Sugar is a vital aspect when it comes to weight loss. High blood sugar content is usually associated with obesity or overweight and it’s worth noting that foods which have high amounts of sugar are usually associated with weight gain. Comparing these two meal replacement shakes, Shakeology reviews show that this diet plan contains 7g of sugar per serving while Isagenix has 11g of sugar. If both Isagenix and Shakeology were to be consumed twice daily, shakeology would account for 14g of sugar while Isagenix will result to 22g of sugar, a very high amount of sugar in a weight loss shake.

Shakeology vs Isagenix – Flavor

Taste is a critical aspect when it comes to choosing meal replacement shake. Most supplements are available in a wide range of flavors to cater to the various needs of consumers. Isagenix reviews indicate that it comes in flavors such as:

• Chocolate • Vanilla • Strawberry

There are also chocolate variations of Isagenix flavor which include chocolate mint, natural chocolate, Dutch Chocolate etc. Shakeology reviews, on the other hand, show that this meal replacement shake contains the following basic flavors:

• Chocolate Vegan • Café Latte • Vanilla • Tropical Strawberry Vegan • Green Berry • Strawberry

There are also various vegan versions of chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla.

When it comes to comparing the Isagenix vs Shakeology taste, these two shakes have great taste. However, the taste of choice usually depends on the consumer’s preference. The best thing about Isagenix and Shakeology is that you can blend them with fruits and vegetables to create a more preferable taste.

Isagenix vs Shakeology – Benefits

Weight loss supplements have a lot of benefits which not have a positive effect on an individual’s wellbeing, but also internal wellness. Both Shakeology and Isagenix shake have complimenting benefits which can be witnessed mentally and physically. They include:

• They are Low-calorie meal replacement shakes which help to curb appetite and satiate hunger pangs. Both Isagenix shake and shakeology are portions and calorie-controlled shakes which help to reduce overeating and unnecessary food cravings. • They offer a lot of convenience hence they are perfect for those who have hectic schedules. It only takes a couple of minutes to mix these shakes and they can be consumed on the go. • They supply the body with healthy and safe nutrients. Compared to other shakes, these supplements contain a wide range of vitamins and minerals which supply the body with the essential nutrients required for growth and development. • Both Isagenix shake and Shakeology are available in multiple flavors.

Isagenix vs Shakeology – Side Effects

Isagenix shake and Shakeology, just like other weight loss supplements can have side effects when consumed in large amounts or at the beginning of the beginning of the diet plan.

• Isagenix reviews show that this meal replacement shake contains how amounts of sugar which can be an inhibiting factor when it comes to weight loss. • The supplements are not real foods hence they should only be used as meal replacements. • Shakeology reviews indicate that this shake is rich in superfoods but their amounts are not listed.

Isagenix vs Shakeology – Dosage

When it comes to taking meal replacement shakes, a single serving should be taken only once. Both shakeology and Isagenix shakes can be taken once or twice daily as meal replacements or as snacks.

Isagenix vs Shakeology – Price

When it comes to Shakeology vs Isagenix price comparison, a 14-serving package of Isagenix costs $51.95 and this means that if you are using this meal replacement twice daily, you will need $207.80 for a 28-day supply. Shakeology costs around $129.95 for thirty servings.

Final Thoughts

From the review above, it’s almost impossible to choose the best shake between these two products. Both of them are effective, affordable, and are available in various flavors. However, looking at the nutrition contents, Isagenix shakes seems to have a fairly greater upper hand though it’s not vegan-friendly. It’s basically up to a person to choose a product that suits their preferences.