310 Shakes vs Herbalife Shakes

Meal replacement shakes are some of the best diet plans which can greatly help with weight loss. Herbalife shakes have been dominant weight loss products in the market with great sales. 310 Shakes offer a newer option and they are greatly gaining popularity in the weight loss industry. That’s why this is a 310 Shakes vs Herbalife Shakes article, where we want to compare these two products in order to determine which one is the best option.

1. Nutrition Profile

Herbalife shakes contain 9g of sugar, 13g of carbohydrates, 3g of fiber and 90 calories per every serving. This shake provides the body with around 25 percent of the daily required vitamins and minerals. Just like herbalife, the 310 shakes also have 90 calories per serving in addition to 15g of high-quality protein that is plant-based, 5g of sugar and 7g of carbohydrates. As far as the nutrition profile is concerned, 310 performs much better than herbalife since it is enriched with over 20 essential minerals and vitamins as well as high amounts of greens blend.

2. Source of Protein

The source of protein for herbalife shakes is soy. Studies have shown that soy protein can extensively cause damage to the body if it is consumed in large quantities. Research reports indicate the soy protein in the herbalife can trigger allergic reactions, cause hormonal imbalance in females and inhibit the absorption of the essential minerals. 310 Shakes use pea, brown rice and hemp as sources of protein. These are high-quality and plant-based proteins which are safe for use by almost everyone and they have numerous beneficial effects on the body.

Herbalife shakes come in two options: the safe non-genetically modified and the harmful genetically modified.

3. Additives and Sweeteners

By looking at the best meal replacement shakes reviews, you will notice that most weight loss shakes use additive and sweeteners. Herbalife shakes contain 9g of sugar per each serving and this amount is quite high for a weight loss diet shake. This shake is usually sweetened by adding fructose, a substance that when ingested messes with the insulin levels in the body and therefore it isn’t good for diabetics. 310 Shakes contain no junk. They are formulated using gluten and sugar-free ingredients with no artificial sweeteners. This product is 100 percent natural hence it provides the body with numerous health benefits. 310 shakes contain Stevia, a natural sweetener with zero calories.

4. Effectiveness

The best meal replacement shakes review show that a good diet shake should contain low amounts of calories and high amounts of proteins and fiber. This is because a shake that is rich in protein provides the body with adequate amounts of energy and effectively suppresses hunger pangs.

Note that both herbalife and 310 shakes contain low amounts of calories i.e. 90 calories per serving. 310 Shakes have 15g proteins and 5g fiber while herbalife shakes have 3g fiber and 9g sugar per serving. The effectiveness of 310 is much better than that of herbalife shakes because 310 has been specifically formulated for weight loss and it features effective hunger blockers which allow users to stay for long hours without feeling hungry.

5. Price

Most people are not aware that a good diet shake should be affordable if you are to use it in the long run. Although the price of herbalife usually varies, they are generally found on the lower end of the price spectrum and they can go to as low as $1.33 per serving. From the best meal replacement shakes review, this is considered to be a cheap price. 310 Shakes, on the other hand, are more expensive and they cost around $2.43 for every serving. This is almost two times the price of the herbalife


It’s not easy to conclude which is the best product because when it comes to weight loss shakes and specially when its 310 Shakes vs Herbalife Shakes, it all depends on what an individual is looking for. If you are looking for a cheaper shake that is effective for use for only a short period of time, them herbalife shakes are the best option.

However, according to the best meal replacement shakes review, a lot of people actually prefer 310 shakes as much as they are expensive. Herbalife shakes fall short in providing valuable and long-term benefits. 310 shakes have a successful, high-quality and proven track record when it comes to weight loss and they are healthy and effective for long-term use.

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